Letter to the Editor

Following are some Letters to the Editor (LTE) that have been published over the years.  We have also include LTE Topics as Sample letters that you can use to write your own.  Please check our LTE guide-lines and sample page.


Rodney Knudson: Rare Earth Resources’ bid to open a new mine in the Wyoming Black Hills?

Read Article Sundance Times: RER: we’re moving forward

Lilias Jarding, P.HD, Rapid City: YOURS: Why in-situ mining needs many permits   (PDF available)

Gena Parkhurst, Rapid City: Uranium mine does not make economic sense

Cheryl Rowe, Rapid City; Mining company wants disposal wells

LTE Sample Topics: Bad IdeaWater Impact Mining Past  |  Dangers


Jerri Baker, Hot Springs : Feedback on guest editorial by the geologist for Powertech

Mary Goulet, Hot Springs : House of Cards

John Tsitrian Rapid City businessman and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange : FORUM: Powertech Uranium investors got the blues again, mama

Stephanie Anise, Hot Springs : Gubernatorial candidate against uranium mining

Rick Summerville, Rapid City : The uranium debacle and legislators voting against the people

Linda Bochmann, Hot Springs : Ask yourself if we want to take a chance with uranium mining here

Dr. Rebecca R. Leas, Rapid City : A broomstick revolution is needed – sweep ’em out!

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs : Uranium mining is not just a West River problem

Gardner Gray, Pringle : The USGS says that there are no remediated ISL mining operations in this country

Lynn Gray, Pringle : If you wish for my vote and the vote of many of my friends, neighbors, associates and relatives…

Melody Inchumuck, Hot Springs : Irreparable harm that would be done to cultural resources

Ed Harvey, Hot Springs : GUEST EDITORIAL: Mr. Hollenbeck ignores a few relevant facts

Dr. Thomas Cook, Hot Springs : The issue of “in situ” uranium mining

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs : Nuclear energy not a clean energy source

Charmaine White Face Coordinator, Defenders of the Black Hills : FORUM: Time to clean up abandoned uranium mines

Gena Parkhurst, Rapid City : Proposed uranium mine has many problems

Gena Parkhurst, Rapid City : Uranium mining – at what cost to our water?

Jerri Baker, Hot Springs : Fracture: a breaking of something – Guest Editorial

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs : Comment on guest editorial by Mark Hollenbeck

Rapid City Journal Editorial Board : EDITORIAL: NRC’s rush to judgment

Lilias Jarding, Rapid City : It falls to us to fight off threat

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs : We need lawmakers who represent us

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs : Addressing the ongoing proposal to mine uranium in the Edgemont area

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs : Azarga

Lynn E. Gray, Pringle : HB 1193

Sandra I. Rodgers, Hot Springs : Dewey-Burdock Powertech Uranium

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs : Uranium mining will pollute environment

Sylvia Lambert, Rapid City : Toxic chemical alert!

Jerri Baker, Hot Springs : If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything

Sandra I. Rogers, Hot Springs : Legislators should protect our water

Laurie Barnaud, Nisland : Weakening mining laws is hazardous

Sylvia Lambert, Rapid City : Powertech’s uranium mining plan’s Processing Plant

Cheryl Rowe, Rapid City : Real Estate Investment or Uranium Mining?

Cheryl Rowe, Rapid City : Uranium mining could ruin real estate


Sylvia Lambert, Interior : Will lawmakers protect our water?

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs : Response to a Guest Editorial in the Dec. 3 Hot Springs Star, written by Mayor Carl Shaw of Edgemont

Mary Helen Pederson, Hot Springs : Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once

Rick Summerville, Rapid City : The public deserves the truth

Dr. Rebecca R. Leas, Rapid City : Red flag! Significant destruction to underground structures and aquifers is likely

Rick Summerville, Rapid City : Public deserves truth, not lies on mining

John Hammond, Rapid City : Let us learn from history. We don’t need this.

Mary Helen Pederson, Hot Springs : Details on Uranium mine still unclear

Sarah Peterson, Hot Springs : Save our clean water

Tom Cook, Field Director, Running Strong for American Indian Youth, Pine Ridge : Crow Butte Resources has pollution issues

Mary Jo Farrington, Rapid City : I have a lot to be thankful for

Lilias Jarding, Rapid City : Other companies want to mine uranium

Pat Shermer, Rapid City : Contact politicians to stop mining

Jerri Baker, Hot Springs : Information pulled from the NRC regarding the Crow Butte in situ uranium mine in Nebraska.

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs : In regard to the proposed uranium mining in the Edgemont area

Dr. Thomas H. Cook, Hot Springs : Why are we so cheap?

Sandra Rodger, Hot Springs : A letter of thanks

Jim Petersen President, South Dakota Peace and Justice Center, and environmental consultant : FORUM: Powertech project a reminder of Lonetree

Rebecca R. Leas, Ph.D. A health education specialist in Rapid City : FORUM: Writers too close to Powertech project

Sandra Rodgers, Hot Springs : Thank you for covering Powertech

Paul Seamons, Dakota Rural Action : Not extremists; non-profit protectors

Carla Rae Marshall, Rapid City : Help us protect our state’s water

Rapid City Journal Editorial Board : EDITORIAL: Powertech hearings informative

Rebecca Leas, PhD, Rapid City : Thoughts on the uranium debacle

Ruth Waddington, Rapid City : Those protecting public aren’t doing so

Jerry Meyer, Black Hawk : U.S. doesn’t need more uranium

Mary Helen Pederson, Hot Springs : Details on Uranium mine still unclea

Karen Pettigrew, Rapid City : Uranium coverage journalism at its best

Michael Sanborn Mining disaster too risky

Nancy Hamak, Keystone : Powertech offers no guarantees

Harold Storsve, Rapid City : Powertech proposal shaky at best

Jim Petersen, Rapid City : Council’s Powertech vote was on target

Rick Summerville, Rapid City : State lawmakers sold out to Powertech

Daniel Cole, Rapid City : Uranium mining scarred Utah, Arizona

Cheryl Rowe: Citizens protesting the uranium mining care about their water and health.

Rick Summerville: South Dakotans take pride in defending “states’ rights.”

Cheryl Rowe: Be suspicious of Powertech’s spin

Lilias Jarding: In-situ mining not a boon for Crawford

Gardner Gray: Mayor Kooiker’s courageous stand against the Canadian company, Powertech

Ed Harvery: Which is the real project?

Mary Goulet:Get the woman a watch! Len Winter, Rapid City: Let Canadians pollute own country

Nancy Gregory, Hot Spring: More information on uranium mining is available

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs: Powertech doesn’t care

Lynn E. Gray, Pringle: Say NO to water abuse!

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs:Uranium mining will pollute the soil

Larry Beezley: Uranium mine likely disaster

Christine Sandvik: Don’t stir up the hornet’s nest

Nancy Hamak, Keystone: Thanks to the nine Rapid City Council members and Mayor Sam Kooiker

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs: Mining uranium in the Edgemont area again is very dangerous

Carol Lynch, Rapid City: Thanks to council for protecting water

Citizen Jewet: Council applauded for Powertech vote

Nancy Hamak, Keystone: Thanks for standing up

Edie Boulter, Rapid City: Don’t sell (or give away) ourselves down the river

Shirley Frederick, Rapid City: Citizens voiced concern about uranium

John Wrede, Rapid City: Council’s uranium vote deserves praise

T.L. Standing Soldier, Rapid City: Money does not equal peace of mind

Michael Petersen, Rapid City: Uranium mining benefits other nations

Mary Goulet: Why do some people short-change future and health of their children for the possibility of temporary, monetary gains.

Bob Mercer Journal correspondent: Powertech suddenly has a big, big foe

Mary Helen Pederson, Hot Springs: Read everything about Powertech

Kim C. Kraft, Hot Springs: Powertech is pursuing permits to take vast amounts of water from our major aquifers in the Southern Black Hills.

Dr. Rebecca R. Leas, Ph.D.: Throughout the west uranium mining is wreaking havoc on water resources

Lynn Gray, Pringle: The Black Hills region is one of the few and last remaining areas of our whole country that can boast clean water

Sarah Peterson, Hot Springs: Concerned about the 9,000 gallons per minute

Sylvia Lambert, Interior: We must demand protection of aquifers

Rebecca R. Leas, Ph.D., Rapid City: Uranium mining is not safe

Melody Inchumuk, Hot Springs: Footprints in the sands of time

Ginger Heinzen, Hot Springs: its all about the water

Nancy Gregory, Hot Springs: Pheasants, Fossils & Water

Jerri Baker, Hot Springs: How much Madison did that take?

Juli Ames-Curtis, Custer: Serious and relevant questions on the usage of water

Susan R. Henderson, Edgemont: Is uranium mining industry profitable?

Jim Kent: Home of Pending Environmental Disasters

Dr. Rebecca Leas PhD: Save the Black Hills

Jerri Baker: Opinion on uranium mining

Susan Henderson: Powertech asking South Dakotans to take a huge risk

Susan Henderson: Powertech; a get-rich-quick-scheme gone bad?