In 2014, Rare Elements Resources, Inc. began the permit process to strip-mine Bull Hill in the Bear Lodge Range, Black Hills of Wyoming and Sacred Lands to many tribes.

The Bear Lodge project would be located approximately 12 miles (or 6 air miles) north of Sundance, Wy. The mine area is approximately 1,700 acres; consisting of 1,060 acres of NFS lands and 640 acres of private lands.

The purpose of their project would be to allow a statutory right, in accordance with the General Mining Law of 1872, as amended, of Rare Element Resources, Inc to develop a mine on federally administered lands in a manner consistent with other federal laws and regulations and the 1997 Revised Land and Resource Management Plan for the Black Hills National Forest, as Amended by the Phase II Amendment (Forest Plan). Forest Service surface management regulations (36 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] part 228) require that all mining activities “be conducted in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts on National Forest surface resources” (36 CFR part 228.8). The Forest Service is therefore required to ensure that the Proposed Action is evaluated in accordance to the National Environmental Policy Act and 36 CFR part 228.

The proposed mine development is needed to provide a supply of rare earth elements to support today’s evolving technologies. Rare earth elements are the technology metals, used in cell phones, TVs, lasers, and wind turbines. The proposed exploration activities are needed in order to continue evaluating the area for geological resources and possible expansion of the mine in the future.

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