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The mission of Black Hills Clean Water Alliance, founded in 2009, is to stop current and prevent future radioactive and destructive mining in the Black Hills region to protect our valuable resources – especially our water – for future generations. The Alliance is a diverse collection of citizens concerned about the health, environmental, and economic impacts that mining projects would have on our communities, people, economy, and natural resources.

After much investigation, we are convinced that new large-scale mining would have dire consequences for the Black Hills, especially for the water. The Black Hills are unique culturally, ecologically, geologically, and economically – a tree-covered island in the midst of vast plains and the sacred center of Lakota treaty lands. They are headwaters for surface and ground water in the northern Great Plains, bringing life to communities, wildlife, ranches, landscapes, and people. It is our responsibility to protect the water that gives life.

Our organization and its allies have worked together since 2009 to prevent new uranium mining in the Black Hills. About six years ago, we decided to prevent new large-scale gold mining and rare earths mining and processing in the Hills. Most recently, our area faces a lithium mining rush – the not-so-green front end of the new “green” economy. These are the types of mining – and associated processing – that would bring the most damage to our water and our lives. We take action through public education activities, court cases and regulatory processes, direct action, research and publications, leadership development, and working with a broad range of other organizations. Join us!

This is not just a local issue. Once water aquifers are contaminated by mining, they can never be restored. WATER IS LIFE.

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DONATE: Donating funds to the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance will help us spread the word about the threat of destructive mining in the Black Hills. Over the years we have been able to use some of these donation to purchase billboard space, printing informational hand-out, and set up booth space at public events and gatherings.  Check out our donation page!

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