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“The Madison and Minnelusa aquifers are two of the most important aquifers in the Black Hills.” – United States Geological Survey …. read more.

The mission of the Clean Water Alliance, founded in 2009, is to stop current and prevent future radioactive and destructive mining in the Black Hills region to protect our valuable resources – especially our water – for future generations.

Our Alliance is a diverse collection of citizens concerned about the health, environmental, and economic impacts that irresponsible mining projects would have on our communities, people, economy, and natural resources.


Cindy Parade 10-15 - Tatyana-2LOCAL NEWS:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued a decision on Friday, July 20, in the case Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The Court’s decision supports the Tribe’s arguments and is an important step in protecting the Black Hills from uranium mining. Read More.

1960s uranium minerNATIONAL NEWS:

New effort to reform the 1872 Mining Law, which is the law that permits companies to mine on federal public lands without paying any royalties. There’s more information on the and on the reform effort here — Mining Reform Bill Introduced on Anniversary of Infamous 1872 Law
 Grijalva-Lowenthal proposal would bring U.S. mining law into the 21st Century. Read more



Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 5.49.36 PM“Save Rochford and Rapid Creek” Group seeks to protect a precious Black Hills water source from gold exploration drilling and future gold mining. The central Black Hills group is opposing a gold exploration operation that would be at the headwaters of Rapid Creek and near an important Lakota Sacred site known as PeSla.  The group has started a GoFundMe account that will help pay for outreach materials such as flyers, artwork, and mailings.  Your donation will help defend against this outrage to the environment, forestall the company receiving additional permits to explore, make a template for future resistance, or even force the Forest Service to do an Environmental Impact Statement, which it has so far chosen not to do.  Wopila! [thanks given to all existence and the blessing inherent in each moment of it] Look for us on FB, @saverochford

PDF: Save Rochford & Rapid Creek-byDuff

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Toxic Uranium Mining was stopped once before in the Black Hills.  We can do it again. Click on this 1980s bumper sticker to learn more.