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Dakota Rural Action:

Owe Aku Bring Back the Way & International Justice Project:

Powder River Basin Resource Council-Ranchers and Neighbors Protecting Our Water:

Defenders of the Black Hills: (no longer in operation, but Website has some great information)


Powertech (USA), Inc. – Environmental Permits

2013 – Powertech’s Large Scale Mine Permit Application Webpage:

Powertech’s Water Right Permit and Ground Water Discharge Permit Application Webpage:

U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Generic Environmental Impact Statement for In-Situ Leach Uranium Milling/Mining:

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission – General Information on Federal Uranium Regulation:

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources Information on Powertech Uranium’s Environmental Permit Applications:

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Information on Powertech Uranium’s Application :

State of Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Underground Injection Control:

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on In Situ Mining:

Informational Links

July 2020 – NEW REPORT Published. Uranium Atlas by Beyond Nuclear: Facts and Data about the Raw Material of the Atomic Age. —

Protect NEPA:

Water Conservation Throughout the Home:

Clean Up the Mines:


WISE Uranium:

Clean Water Alliance: Summary of Southern Hills Geology

Uranium Watch:

Nuclear Information and Resource Service:

Southwest Research and Information Center:

Indigenous Environmental Network:

Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction:

Western Mining Action Network:

New Mexico Environmental Law Center:

Earth Works:

Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste:

Owe Aku’s International Justice Project has put together this brief summary in an attempt to explain a bit about the state of and challenges to American water …

Post ’71 Uranium Workers Committee:

Thanks to a young student who found great information on our site for her report and in return she suggested a new informational link to include on our Resource Link page called Water Conservation Throughout the Home.  We want to thank her teacher for sending us a very encouraging email with the information.  Protecting Water in the home is very important, so we hope that this new link will help us to become more aware and mindful about the our usage of water in our home.  Thank you Julia for sending us this link and for being a protector of water! Have a great summer.

(Teacher’s email sent to BHCWA)
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you… one of the students in my summer tutoring group was working on a water project and she ended up on your web page (this one She thought you would like to know that we found excellent info for her project, so she says thank you:) Also- Julia and I thought we could return the favor by sharing another educational water resource we found… “Water Conservation Throughout the Home”

It has tips for saving water all through the home with great information for kids, too, and she thought it would be a helpful addition to the informational links on the page she found! I hope you can add it-Julia’s passionate about the environment so I think she’d be proud to see that her contribution was helpful.