Collection of news reports regarding destructive, toxic mining in the Black Hills region.

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Black Hills group files federal suit against Forest Service regarding proposed gold exploration

Published October 27, 2021 – NewsCenter1  Darsha Nelson

BLACK HILLS, S.D. — The Black Hills Clean Water Alliance has filed a complaint against the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Department of Agriculture in federal court… READ MORE

Gold exploration company plans Black Hills drilling project; comments due soon –

Published October 20, 2021 – NewsCenter1 Darsha Nelson

Opponents are concerned that project could lead to full-scale mining operation.

BLACK HILLS NATIONAL FOREST, S.D. — A Minneapolis-based company is seeking the U.S. Forest Service’s permission to conduct exploratory drilling near Silver City and Pactola Reservoir in search of gold.

Opponents of the project say that exploration will lead to mining, and that the location – just upstream from Pactola Reservoir and the Rapid Creek Watershed – puts the drinking water for Rapid City and other downstream communities at risk. …. READ MORE

NOTE: This broadcast, aired on SDPB Radio, provides a good overview of the current gold seeking companies and our opposition to these mining activities in the Black Hills Region.

Record Price Drives Search For Gold – And Opposition – In Black Hills

SDPB Radio | By Seth Tupper

Published October 16, 2020 at 10:02 AM CDT


Soaring gold prices are fueling a rush for the next big discovery in the Black Hills, but gold miners and prospectors are encountering opposition.

One reason for the surging prices is the down economy. Some people see gold as a safe investment, so they scramble to buy it in times of economic uncertainty. That sends the price higher.

Opposition arises

Now the search is on for the next Homestake or Wharf. Dakota Territory is one of at least seven companies or entities that are planning to drill, are already drilling, or are trying to open a new gold mine in the Black Hills.

Many of them consider the region a mining-friendly area. After all, said Rob Bergmann of F3 Gold in Minneapolis, the mining history is long.

“We’ve been using the Black Hills as recreation lands and co-existing with mineral exploration and mining for over 140 years,” Bergmann said.

F3 wants to do exploratory drilling near Pactola Reservoir. But the company faces opposition, primarily from the Black Hills Clean Water Alliance. The alliance says exploration could lead to a mine, and a mine could pollute Pactola and Rapid Creek. Rapid City gets water from both.

Carla Marshall, Grandmother Earth Advocate, Board Member of BHCWA and RCWA. “The mining companies come in and they just pollute and get up and leave – contaminate the water, and then they just leave,” Marshall said.

Forest accepts comments on gold-exploration plan

SDPB Radio | By Arielle Zionts

Published October 15, 2021 at 2:38 PM CDT

There may be gold near Silver City. 

That’s according to F3 Gold, a Minneapolis company that hopes to conduct exploratory drilling just north of the small Black Hills town. 

The Black Hills National Forest is accepting formal public comments on the project’s Draft Environmental Assessment until Oct. 22. … READ MORE



A primer on South Dakota Superfund sites. By Del Bartels Capitol Bureau Apr 16, 2019 Updated Jun 10, 2020

Thousands of contaminated sites exist nationally due to hazardous waste. Nine sites of note exist in South Dakota.


Black Hills Clean Water Alliance files lawsuit against US Forest Service – Aired/Posted on KOTA TV on May 17, 2020




Rapid City Journal: Rapid City Council Oppose Gold Exploration Project.

Native Sun News: Rapid City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Gold Exploration

Black Hills Fox: Rapid City Council passes resolution opposing gold exploration in Rapid Creek

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May 12

Rapid City Journal: Uranium Hearing Scheduled in Rapid City

Apr 18

Rapid City Journal: State wants to buy more of abandoned Black Hills mine

Mar 16

Rapid City Journal: Regulators entrust pollution study at Superfund site to company searching for gold

Mar 4

Rapid City Journal: No open cut by Rochford if gold found, execs say

Feb 27

Native Sun News: State lawmakers douse tribes’ hopes for water safety bill

Feb 21

Rapid City Journal: Minnesota company plans gold exploration in Black Hills

Feb 19

Protect NEPA: Court Strikes Down Edgemont Uranium Mine Permit

Jan 27

Rapid City Journal: Mining company raises Edgemont-area uranium estimate by 234 percent


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Nov 7

Native Sun News: Judge advises tribal cultural fieldwork at proposed radioactive mine

Sept 19

Rapid City Journal: Company searching for gold in Black Hills re-applies for water permit

Sept 13

Rapid City Journal: Reclaimed areas of abandoned mine could be re-disturbed by new mine

Sept 2

Rapid City Journal: Company exploring for gold tries to claim 1898 water right

Aug 24

CNBC: Nuclear wasteland: The explosive boom and long, painful bust of American uranium mining

Aug 21

South Dakota News Watch: Part 1 – Rivers at Risk: S.D. waterways serve as dumping grounds for human, industrial, ag wastes

Aug 1

Rapid City Journal: Appeal of Rochford gold-drilling project dismissed

June 26

KELOLAND TV: Interior Secretary Gets Less Than Warm Welcome in the Black Hills

May 7

Rapid City Journal: Uranium companies merge in pursuit of Edgemont-area mine

May 2

Rapid City Journal: Water request withdrawn for exploratory gold drilling near Rochford

Native Sun News: Keystone denies water request to gold prospectors

April 11

Native Sun News: Inspector General orders better consultation with tribes on uranium, nuclear permits

Mar 15

Rapid City Journal: SD fines gold exploration company for violations

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Nov 6

Rapid City Journal: Uranium project inches ahead as company eyes satellite mine

Nov 30

Lakota Country Times: Black Hills Gold Exploration,Oceti Sakowin Reps to “Consult” With USFS

Nov 16

Lakota Country Times: Pe’ Sla Targeted For Gold, More Sacred Sites Threatened

Nov 6

Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe scores win in uranium mining case

Apr 19

Native Sun News: Rape of the He’ Sapa: From gold to uranium

Mar 23

Unsatisfied Mining Industry Wants More from the Taxpayer

Mar 15

Native Sun News: Tribe takes NRC to mat on uranium permits: Tribe urges turnout of members for public information sessions

Mar 7 –

Rapid City Journal: EPA issues draft permits to Edgemont uranium project, schedules public hearings

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A Special five part series – Radioactive Legacy: Four million tons of radioactive waste are buried under a grassy field three miles to the southeast of Edgemont in far southwestern South Dakota. North of Edgemont, two massive abandoned mines, the biggest measuring a mile across, scar the range land.

Nuclear Monitor: Uranium – the world’s worst mined commodity

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Rapid City Journal: After regulators order clarification of economic report, uranium company’s stock struggles

Victoria Advocate: Federally proposed uranium rules reflect local fight

Rapid City Journal: Uranium mining topic of Custer meeting

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Rapid City Journal: License stay lifted for proposed uranium mine

Hot Springs Star: Uranium Mining Poll Results Reported – by Dr Tom Cook, doctorate in chemistry

Rapid City Journal: Righting a wrong at Riley Pass: After 51 years, mine cleanup finally begins

Rapid City Journal: Uranium Foes Regroup 

Rapid City Journal Uranium project 6

Rapid City Journal Uranium project 5

Rapid City Journal Uranium project 4

Rapid City Journal Uranium project 3

Rapid City Journal Uranium project 2

Rapid City Journal Uranium project

The Ecologist: Protect our sacred water! The Curse of Uranium in the Black Hills by Ben Whitford

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John Lee McLaughlin, Rapid City Journal staff: Council passes resolution against uranium mining

Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe still fighting uranium mine

Rapid City Journal: Fall River County Commission hears more from mining opposition

Black Hills Pioneer: Who are we permitting? Poor financials, heavy foreign investments bring questions on Powertech’s future Powertech sells 60% of Centennial project to Hong Kong investment firm; inexperienced Chinese company becomes largest Powertech shareholder

Rapid City Journal: WATCHDOG: Records law keeps uranium decision-making secret

Michael Sanborn, Rapid City Journal columnist: Council shouldn’t have diluted uranium resolution

Colorado Post Independent / Citizen Telegram / Grand Junction Free Press: A uranium mining proposal that’s larded with snake oil

Rapid City Journal: Uranium mine hearings reveal questions about proposed project

Indian Country Today Commentary: Media Distort Crow Butte Story

Rapid City Journal: Rapid council shows strength in anti-mining resolution

Michael Sanborn, Rapid City Journal columnist: Council shouldn’t have diluted uranium resolution

Rapid City Journal: Attorney questions Powertech data

Rapid City Journal: Powertech says it expects to have on-site inspectors

Rapid City Journal: Uranium hearing continues with more protester testimony

Rapid City Journal: Uranium mine protesters testify at water permit hearings

Rapid City Journal: Uranium mine protesters testify at water permit hearings

Rapid City Journal: Second state permit hearings begin for Powertech

Rapid City Journal: Uranium hearings brought new facts to light

Rapid City Journal: Leaks, spills, and other problems at in situ uranium mines across the country 

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Mines and Communities: International scientists call for a global uranium ban



Rapid City Journal: Uranium-exploration-permit-appeal-delayed