Let's remember that Nuclear Energy needs Uranium, which results in destructive mining and contamination of groundwater. The world is almost out of time with respect to decarbonizing the energy sector. Doing so, experts agree, is essential to forestalling some of the most alarming consequences of climate change, including rising sea levels, droughts, fires, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, and the like....


Everyone is needed in the fight to stop unwise and destructive mining in the Black Hills.  This means you!  Here are some ways you can help: Stay up to date – Like and follow our Facebook page at “Black Hills Clean Water Alliance.” When there is an opportunity for action, take it! When it sends … Continue reading WHAT CAN I DO?

Call to Action: Contact the SD Water Management Board Today!

Email the South Dakota's Water Management Board today! Tell them NOT to Re-Start Powertech's uranium mining permit process. Powertech Uranium asked the State of South Dakota's Water Management Board (WMB) to give it three water permits for its proposed uranium mine in Custer and Fall River Counties. In 2013, the hearings on the permits started, … Continue reading Call to Action: Contact the SD Water Management Board Today!

Tell the EPA to Withdraw those Water Permits – Sign our Petition Now.

In the waning days of the Trump Administration, the EPA granted Powertech Uranium two Underground Injection Control (UIC) permits and a Safe Drinking Water Act aquifer exemption without meaningful consultation with the Oglala Sioux Tribe and without conducting a cultural resources survey of the proposed mine site. The Oglala Sioux Tribe has appealed these permits to the EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board. Sign Our Petition asking Michael Regan, EPA Administrator, to Reverse those Water Permits Decisions immediately!