Let's remember that Nuclear Energy needs Uranium, which results in destructive mining and contamination of groundwater. The world is almost out of time with respect to decarbonizing the energy sector. Doing so, experts agree, is essential to forestalling some of the most alarming consequences of climate change, including rising sea levels, droughts, fires, extreme weather events, ocean acidification, and the like....


Everyone is needed in the fight to stop unwise and destructive mining in the Black Hills.  This means you!  Here are some ways you can help: Stay up to date – Like and follow our Facebook page at “Black Hills Clean Water Alliance.” When there is an opportunity for action, take it! When it sends … Continue reading WHAT CAN I DO?

Black Hills National Forest seeking your input by July 9th.

The Black Hills National Forest is asking for our input for their planning exercise.  The resulting plan will guide what they do for the next 10 or so years, so it's important.  Deadline to respond is July 9 (BHNF Address below).  We want everyone to participate, talk about mining issues, and talk about whatever other issues they … Continue reading Black Hills National Forest seeking your input by July 9th.