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Letters to the editors on any number of topics relating to uranium mining in the Black Hills region can help, so fire up your computer and help us inform our friends and family, our community how we feel about the treat of water contamination.  Remember, Water is Life.

Don’t know what to write?  We’ve included some Sample Letters for you to use to just copy and paste in an email message or in a word document:

Dear Editor,

We don’t want uranium mining in the Black Hills. Uranium is radioactive, and the mining process contaminates water, air, and soil. It is simply impossible to mine uranium without releasing radiation.

Everyone knows that radiation is bad for people – also plants and animals. Research has linked uranium mining to cancer, genetic damage, and kidney problems.

In fact, the health problems from uranium mining are so severe that the Colorado Medical Society, the main voice for doctors in the state, voted to oppose proposed uranium mining.

We owe ourselves and our children clean water and good health. The easy way to avoid the risks of uranium mining is to stop it before it starts.


More samples here.

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Here are direct email links to send a Letter to the Editor (200 words of less): – Custer County Chronicle – Faith Independent – Hot Springs Star – Kadoka Press – Moody County Booster – The Daily Republic – Native Sun Weekly – Lakota Country Times – New Underwood Post – The Sheridan Press – Black Hills Pioneer – Aberdeen News – The (Huron) Plainsman – Brookings Register – Argus Leader

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