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Act[tions] of Kindness for Grandmother Earth and her Mni.

Awareness Action – Jan. 8, 2020. Photo by Carla Rae Marshall.


UPDATE: 2/4/2020

Rapid City Passes Resolution

We applaud the six Rapid City Council members who vote against the 148 year old norm of this region. They braved the criticism from mining supporters in order to pass this resolution to protect the Rapid Creek Watershed and Pactola Reservoir from gold exploration and potential destructive and radioactive mining.

We thank you for taking this forward thinking stand to protect our water now, and for future generations.

On Feb. 3, 2020 Rapid City, the second largest city in South Dakota, which is downstream from gold exploration, just passed a resolution. The City Council voted 6 to 4 to oppose gold exploration and mining in the Rapid Creek watershed, which is the source of all its water. This is Good News! People are becoming more aware and, when they’re aware, they don’t want to be the target of the gold industry.

Thanks to all who made this possible, especially the City Council members who voted for the resolution — Laura Armstrong, Darla Drew, Ritchie Nordstrom, Lisa Modrick, Chad Lewis, and Bill Evans! Go to this page to send them a thank you note —

It was a tense night, and we need to let them know we appreciate them taking political heat for protecting our water. Which they have been doing.

Yes, a citizen can suggest a resolution in Rapid City, gather support, and get it passed. It was a great example of citizens working together to take successful action to protect their community from mining interests.

Read more on this epic decision in local news.

Take Action – Contact City Council members.  email them, send them a card, or give them a call and say thank you for passing this water protection resolution.  This is really important!  You can find their names, e-mails, and phone number at

Give Mayor Allender a chat at 394-4110 and ask him to support efforts to protect water.

Take Action – Let your family, friends and networks know about these meetings/actions. Encourage them to voice their concerns, also.

Take Action – Call the South Dakota guys on the HILL (Washington DC); Senior Senator John Thune, Junior Senator Mike Rounds, and Representative Dusty Johnson, At-Large, or check in with them at their local South Dakota offices.  Let them know to protect the environment not destroy it with environmental rollbacks and fast-tracking permits for the extraction industry.