Stubborn Resistance Lands a Victory!

Uranium Mining is a Nuisance in Fall River County

Election Day brought a wonderful victory to the citizens of Fall River County in far southwestern South Dakota. The County is threatened by two uranium companies, one of which has been trying to get a uranium mine going for about the last 16 years. Stubborn resistance by It’s All About the Water, the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Black Hills Clean Water Alliance, and others has held the companies off.

And now the county should be safe from radioactive mining.

The reason is that citizens of the County passed an initiative yesterday that declares that uranium mining is a nuisance. It will be an ordinance that uranium mining in Fall River County is illegal. The vote was 56% for the initiative and 44% against the initiative, so the citizens’ opinion of uranium mining is clear.

Sarah Peterson, organizer of It’s All About the Water, a grassroots movement, said “We have been working hard to educate the residents of Fall River County for the last ten years. We succeeded! We have made Fall River County safe. It’s clear — it’s crystal clear — the people of Fall River County want to keep our water crystal clear.”

Black Hills Clean Water Alliance congratulates the people of Fall River County and hopes that they’ll sleep better knowing that they took successful action to protect their water, communities, cultural resources, wildlife, and economy.

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