Uranium Companies and the Black Hills.

UPDATE!  Ten years ago, we knew of at least twelve uranium companies that had expressed an interest in the Black Hills. 

This information was reviewed recently, and a lot has changed.  One company has changed its focus away from uranium.  Seven companies have closed their mining claims in the Black Hills.  One that indicated an interest in the Black Hills did not stake any claims.

This leaves three uranium companies active in the area, that we know of.  Peninsula Minerals, an Australian company, has the only active uranium mine, which is on the northwest edge of the Wyoming Black Hills.  Uranium One/ARMZ, which is owned by the Russian government, has active claims in the northwestern Black Hills.  Azarga/Powertech has hundreds of active claims in the southwestern Black Hills in South Dakota and in each of the Wyoming Black Hills counties.

Part of the reason that 75% of uranium companies appear to have backed out of the Black Hills is undoubtedly the drop in the price of uranium.  But for some companies, it is probably significant that the only company that has applied for permits in South Dakota, Azarga/Powertech, has met tribal governments’ and citizens’ resistance.  The company planned to start mining at its Dewey-Burdock project in 2009.  It still far from being able to start.  This might be discouraging to other companies.

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One thought on “Uranium Companies and the Black Hills.

  1. sotherland says:

    Please reverse your decision to allow waste water from in-situ uranium mining to be reinjected into our drinking water aquifer!!! It will contaminate our aquifer and it must not be allowed to happen!! Please have the EPA once again protect the water that is our Life!!


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