U.S. Forest Service Green Lights F3 Gold! Objections Due in 45 Days

The US Forest Service posted a Notice on Friday, July 8, 2022, in the Rapid City Journal. The notice marked the release of the Draft Decision on the proposed gold exploration by F3 Gold of Minneapolis in the Jenny Gulch area, less than a mile from Pactola Reservoir.

Other documents that were released are:

Rapid Creek

The project would be in an area where water flows into Pactola, which is the water supply for Rapid City, Ellsworth Air Force Base, and reservation and rural communities along the Cheyenne River. The possibility of a large-scale mine in this area — with its toxic substances and likely leaks — is a real threat to health, wildlife, and our tourism, agriculture, and outdoor recreation economy.

We encourage people to become familiar with these documents (linked above) and to consider filing an objection to the Forest Service’s Decision. No new large-scale mines in the Black Hills!



The Black Hills National Forest is reaching out to let you know that the Final EA and Draft Decision Notice for the proposed Jenny Gulch Gold Exploration Drilling Project (Project) are now available on the Black Hills National Forest website at: https://www.fs.usda.gov/project/?project=57428. This Project is subject to pre-decisional objections under subparts A and B of 36 CFR Part 218. Objections will only be accepted from those who have previously submitted specific written comments regarding the Project during scoping or other designated opportunities for public comment in accordance with 36 CFR 218.S(a). Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted timely, specific written comments regarding the Project unless the issue is based on new information arising after the designated comment opportunities.

Electronic objections must be submitted to the Objection Reviewing Officer online at https://cara.fs2c.usda.gov/Public/CommentInput?project=57428
with “Jenny Gulch Gold Exploration Drilling Project Objection” in the subject line. Objections may also be submitted via US Mail, private carrier, or hand delivered to: Black Hills National Forest Supervisor’s Office, Attn: Objection Reviewing Officer at 1019 North 5th St., Custer, SD 57730; or by facsimile (605) 673-9350. Objections are due 45 days following the publication of the legal notice in the Rapid City Journal on July 8, 2022. Submitted objections are public information.

James Gubbels (District Ranger – Mystic Ranger District Office)

DEADLINE IS AUG. 22, 2022 BY 11:59 PM MDT

If mailing you objections – these must be postmarked by Aug. 22nd.

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