A More Nuclear South Dakota? Stop SCR 601 Now!

ATTENTION!! The Legislature is in session, and one of the items that needs our immediate attention is Senate Concurrent Resolution 601This SCR asks for a legislative committee to be formed to determine how a nuclear power plant(s) could be established in South Dakota.  

Email or call your district lawmakers right away and let them know you oppose Senate Concurrent Resolution 601.

Please spend a few minutes emailing or calling your State Senator and State Representatives to let them know you oppose this idea. And please spread the word about this issue quickly. Time is of the essence. More information below on how to do this.

Calling nuclear power “safe” and “clean,” the Resolution ignores the dirty and dangerous history of uranium mining — which is necessary to fuel nuclear power plants. In South Dakota, past uranium mining has left almost 300 abandoned, unreclaimed uranium mines and prospects. These old mines continue to leach radioactive materials, which contaminate the Cheyenne River and related groundwater. Areas of the state with high uranium contamination also have some of the highest health risks.

Besides the fact that nuclear power plants are neither “safe” nor ‘clean,” any move by the state legislature to promote nuclear power increases the risk that new uranium mines would operate in the Black Hills region. Both uranium mining and nuclear power plants require huge amounts of water and would compete directly with agriculture, communities, and clean industry for our state’s limited water.

Here is a map to identify your State Senator and two State Representatives. Please email or call all three of them right away and let them know you oppose Senate Concurrent Resolution 601. We don’t know how soon this Resolution might be voted on: Find My Legislators | South Dakota Legislature (sdlegislature.gov) Note that you will need to enlarge the map to find your district, if you live in a larger town.

Here is the text of Senate Concurrent Resolution 601:  2023 Senate Concurrent Resolution 601 | South Dakota Legislature (sdlegislature.gov)

Please spread this Call-to-Action and information to your networks. Share Tatanka Smashing Nuclear Power – he has all the bells and whistles, but not the pants – LOL. Thank You for Taking Action!

As always, we’ll keep you updated. Keep following us here, through our emails, and on social media.

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