Intervene to Stop MMR.

Mineral Mountain Resource, Inc. has applied for a Water Use permit through the State’s DENR WATER RIGHTS PROGRAM for their gold exploration project. This drilling area is in close proximity to the Lakota Sacred Site of PeSla and the ranching and tourist area of Rochford, SD. This is a Call-To-Action!

– Become an Intervener by Mailing in your Petition before Nov. 23rd (Sample “Petition” letter linked here and provided below). 
Email DENR your request to move the upcoming Public Hearing to Rapid City, closer to where the impacts of the permit would be. 
– Ask DENR that they provide citizens the ability to attend this hearing On-Line due to Covid-19.

What is an Intervener? An intervener is a full participant in the Water Management Board hearing on whether to issue the water permit. An intervene can call witnesses, provide documents and testimony, and question the company’s witnesses.

We have included an Intervener Sample “Petition” Letter (below) for you to use to file with the DENR, which you must also mail a copy to MMR (addresses provide below).  All you need to do is Copy and Paste the Sample “Petition” Letter into your own word document or text editor, make your edits, include your Name and Address, or include other messages, if you want, then print, sign, and send to the two addresses below. 

If you can’t be an Intervener, please consider sending in your request to move the Public Hearing to Rapid City and request to have on-line access during the Public Hearing. Send your requests/comments to Eric Gronlund at DENR at the address below. You can also email your request to DENR at Be sure to include “Mineral Mountain Resources Water Application” in the subject line. 

Monday, Nov. 23 is the DEADLINE. Be sure to mail in your Intervene Petition letter a few days early to the following:

Eric Gronlund, Chief Engineer
Water Rights Program
Foss Building 
523 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501

Mail a copy to:
Mineral Mountain Resources (SD) Inc.   
c/o Bennett, Main & Gubbrud   
618 State Street   
Belle Fourche, SD 57717 

Either download the intervener letter or Highlight the actual letter below, Copy and Paste into your own Word document, then print, sign your name with your address, and mail.

MMR Intervener Sample “Petition” Letter

Eric Gronlund, Chief Engineer
Water Rights Program
Foss Building 
523 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501

RE: Application Number 2813-2 to Appropriate Water; Mineral Mountain Resources

Dear Mr. Gronlund:

As a downstream resident of the proposed project area, I am requesting that a contested case be initiated in the above matter and that I be admitted as an intervener in the above application by MMR.

I am concerned about this application because I depend for my way of life upon the quality of our domestic and other water resources, land use, wildlife, health, and preservation of our agricultural and tourist based economy in western South Dakota. These are threatened by additional large scale exploration and mining of gold in the central Black Hills.

As the ecosystems downstream/downflow from existing Superfund and other former and present large-scale gold mine sites north of the proposed project show, mining gold and other heavy metals is inherently polluting.  

I oppose this application because I believe the proposed exploration and any resulting large scale gold or other mineral mine would harm public health, the economy, and the environment. My concerns include:

  • Most of the geology and hydrology of the immediate area remains unstudied and unknown, so the presence of unappropriated water is unknown.
  • The actual width and height and route(s) of underground pathways have not been mapped from the project area and there could be irreparable damage from the proposed drilling.
  • Existing rights may be unlawfully impaired.
  • This is not a beneficial use of water.
  • Waters in the project area flow into Lake Pactola, a major component of the domestic water supply of Rapid City. This is the water I use.
  • The tributaries and topography contribute to the likelihood that a spill from the proposed drill sites would flow into Lake Pactola.
  • Major aquifers are recharged by Rapid Creek, including the Minnelusa and Madison formations downflow of the proposed project area. Exploration or mining accidents could contaminate all three sources of Rapid City’s and Ellsworth Air Force Base’s water.
  • The proximity of proposed drilling pads to Pe’ Sla and nearby public lands threatens indigenous cultural resources.
  • This project is not in the public interest.
  • The total magnitude of this proposed project requires greater environmental analysis and scrutiny than a small exploration project.
  • The $20,000.00 bond paid by MMR to conduct any amount of drilling it wants in South Dakota is grossly inadequate.
  • MMR is financially unstable and unable to complete a mine, leaving the possibility that this project could end up in the hands of another company that is currently unknown.

I oppose and contest the proposed project and want the permit application to be denied. I ask for a hearing to be held on this matter, and I request that the hearing be automatically delayed for at least 20 days. Please delay the hearing until after December 2, 2020.

I further request that since this matter substantially impacts the people and environment of Pennington County, that the hearing be held in Rapid City.

Please keep me informed of all proceedings and documents related to this application.

Thank you.


[Name and Address]

cc: Mineral Mountain Resources (SD) Inc.
c/o Bennett, Main & Gubbrud
618 State Street
Belle Fourche, SD 57717

SD-DENR Notice of Application No. 2813.2 to Appropriate Water
Public Notice. | Appl. Recom. Action

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