World Water Day 2021, in remembrance of Debra White Plume, was a huge success!

Our Event is Now on YouTube.

We send a heartfelt Thank You to all the gracious speakers, our MCs, the many attendees, and especially the White Plume family!

To commemorate our virtual gathering in the Black Hills, hosted by BHCWA and Dakota Rural Action BH Chapter, we’ve create four segment videos and uploaded them as a playlist on our YouTube Channel. In each video you will hear these dynamic, knowledgeable, and informative speakers. Each one speaks passionately about why water is important to them, their families, and the communities they serve.

When you view these videos please be sure to go to the “SHOW MORE” in those descriptions where you will find the the agenda for those featured speakers in each video. We also include linked time-cues.

Please don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Like and Share these videos. Let’s spread the word about how important water is for our livelihoods, this precious land and ecosystems, and the economy in the Black Hills region – Water Is Life! We hope you enjoy this event’s recap. And please do let us know what you think in the comment sections.

Thank you and Onward!

Unfortunately, like with most first time webinars, we too had dreaded technical difficulties on this day. Thank you for your patience as we pushed through. You’ll be happy to know that we edited out those glitches, the dead-air, and those “You’re on Mute,” in these four segment videos. Much better now.

We hope you’ll check them out. All four videos are now on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Closed Caption may be available in the near future.

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