Everyone is needed in the fight to stop unwise and destructive mining in the Black Hills.  This means you! 

Here are some ways you can help:

Stay up to date – Like and follow our Facebook page at “Black Hills Clean Water Alliance.” When there is an opportunity for action, take it! When it sends you to our website for more information, check it out!

Contact government officials in your area – from Tribal to Federal to State to County to City. Write them letters and emails (addresses are usually on the government’s website). Go to their public events, board meetings, and council meetings and talk to them about opposing mining in the Black Hills. Call them. We don’t need any more destructive mining operations or another Superfund site.

Sometimes, we’ll ask you to contact those governmental officials – so be sure to do it then! Follow our Blog, or Facebook, or Email Notices for those asks. Other times, contact them with a general request to oppose mining. It’s good to let them know we’re paying attention, even when nothing major is going on at the moment. If you need help finding email addresses or street addresses, email us at nobhuranium@gmail.com

Attend events and CTAs (Call to Action). We have monthly meetings. There are opportunities to hold banners and lightboards in public places. Volunteer at our information tables. Contact Us if you would like to receive emails for these actions/opportunities.

There are regular hearings on various proposed mining projects. Sometimes, the public has an opportunity to be heard. Speak up! We hold fundraisers. And much more. Watch our Blog and Facebook for more information! Please visit our Public Comment Opportunities page often as we keep it updated, as needed. If you hear of any Public Comment Opportunities regarding mining that we don’t have posted on our Public Comment page, please email nobhuranium@gmail.com.

Talk to your friends and family. Many people don’t know that these mining projects threaten our water and health and economy. Encourage them to sign petitions to help stop mining in the Black Hills.

Post our information on your Facebook page, share our Blog posts, or write a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper. These are great ways to spread the word on what is planned. If you need ideas or help to do these things, let us know at nobhuranium@gmail.com

Take a Stand in Solidarity with Black Hills Clean Water Alliance to stop destructive mining projects in our beautiful Black Hills. It is up to every one of us to protect the Black Hills. Be part of the solution!

Let us know your ideas. How can we be creative to stop these proposed mining projects?

Email us at nobhuranium@gmail.com