Oct 6th – SD Water Management Board to Decide; Can Powertech Uranium Re-Start Water Permit Hearings? – WE SAY NO!!

— Cindy at parade. Photo by Tatyana.

URGENT!! On October 6 – 7, the SD Water Management Board will be holding a critical hearing on the future of the Black Hills. They will be deciding whether Powertech Uranium (subsidiary of Azarga Uranium) can re-start uranium mining water permit hearings that were put on hold in 2013. If the water permit hearings are allowed to re-start, the company would be one step closer to uranium mining in the Black Hills.

THIS IS YOUR CALL TO ACTION:Join us in Pierre to let the Water Management Board know that we will continue to resist attempts to mine radioactive, toxic uranium. The mining would be temporary (about 20 years), but the water and land pollution would be permanent. In fact, the US Environmental Protection Agency has given the company permission to permanently pollute water under the mine site — an action that is under appeal.

BHCWA, IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE MANY OPPONENTS of uranium mining are planning to help as many people as possible get to Pierre on October 6 at 9:30 am Central Time. Of course, if you can get there on your own, please do. But we are also raising funds and working to meet as many peoples’ needs as possible, so we can pack Room 414 in the Capitol building, 500 E. Capitol Avenue, Pierre. We are also looking at options for related events.

DONATE: Please go to bhcleanwateralliance.org/donate, or send a check to BH Clean Water Alliance at PO Box 591, Rapid City, SD 57709. If you need help with transportation or can provide transportation, please contact Rebecca Terk at rebeccat@dakotarural.org.

We must stop uranium mining and will continue to resist the re-start of these water permit hearings. See you in Pierre! If you can’t make it, please share this information and/or donate.

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