The US Forest Service has issued an important document on F3 Gold’s proposed gold project in the Black Hills — This Environmental Assessment is a step toward possible gold exploration just upstream from Pactola Reservoir in the Black Hills and a direct impact on not only water, but wildlife, such as the Bighorn Sheep birthing grounds.

Send your comments opposing F3 Gold’s Jenny Gulch gold project — Say you support the “No Action” alternative.

Here are some points to make, but use your own words:

  • Request an Extension! – 30 DAYS is not adequate time for the public to review the 304 page draft Environmental Assessment document.
  • The draft Environmental Assessment is vague and incomplete making it impossible for the public to be informed.
  • This project threatens recreation, Lake Pactola, wildlife, and the drinking water for Rapid City, Ellsworth Air Force Base, and tribal and rural communities.
  • Request that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be completed.
  • Mandated Tribal Consultation and protection of cultural resources are incomplete.
  • A unique bighorn sheep birthing area and migration route would be negatively impacted.
  • The Forest Service must analyze all impacts of the project. It has not done this.
  • The Forest Service must include and analyze all reasonable alternatives to F3 Gold’s plan. It has not done this.

SAY “NO” TO F3 GOLD’S PROJECT! This Deadline is Fast Approaching – ACT NOW!

Anyone, from anywhere, can comment.

It’ll be real baaad if you don’t.

Send by US Mail, your NAME and ADDRESS, Postmarked by Oct. 22 to:

USDA Forest Service
James Gubbels, District Ranger
8221 S. Mount Rushmore Road
Rapid City, SD 57702

Or Email your comments in by Oct. 22 at 11:59 PM Mountain to:

Include “F3 Jenny Gulch Gold Exploration Project” in the subject line.

All USDA Black Hills National Forest Service documents, maps, scoping letter, and other information on the Jenny Gulch Exploration Drilling Project can be found at

Printable Comment Form:

THANK YOU! The Bighorn Rams, Ewes, and Lambs thank you, too.