Alert! Another Uranium Mining Company purchased 147 claims


Pegasus Resources, a Canadian uranium company, has now got a project in the southwestern Black Hills. This is a couple miles from the location of the proposed Dewey-Burdock uranium project. The company has purchased 147 claims, covering about 3,037 acres, on land controlled by the Forest Service in Fall River County.

Pegasus (not to be confused with the Texas oil and gas company of the same name) also has projects in Nevada, Utah, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. While their main focus appears to be uranium, their interests also include copper, gold, silver, and rare earth elements. From the information that is available, it sounds like mining on their Black Hills claims would involve open pit mining, although the company is also looking at the possibility of in situ leach mining.

The company’s management has backgrounds in finance, management, and real estate. One member of the group has a background in resource management, and one member of their advisory board has a background in mineral exploration and development. The company does not appear to have experience in mining. Their corporate presentation is titled “Creating Shareholder Value,” but the company is currently trading at 9 cents per share.

Black Hills Clean Water Alliance will continue to work with its allies to oppose any radioactive uranium mining in the Black Hills.

See the Most Recent Claims Map that includes these claims in the Southwestern Black Hills.