Miana Fay Joins BHCWA Staff!

Miana Fay tabling at a recent public awareness event.

BHCWA is pleased to announce that Miana Fay has joined us as our new Creative Program Assistant/Organizer. Miana is helping us advance our social media presence, which we are now on Instagram and Twitter. So please follow us on both, and share. She will also be producing our first podcast to help enhance our public awareness efforts and Call-To-Actions on mining issues in the Black Hills. We look forward to working with Miana on these exciting new projects.

So without further adoHere’s Miana.

Miana greets Mniki as her relative.

“Anpetu Waste Mitakuyepi, Miana emaciyapi ye, Oglala Lakota na Northern Cheyenne Nations hematanhan, He Sapa ekta omani wastewalake, Oglala Lakota College owayawa wankatuya el Lakhota woglakapi unspe miciciye.”

Translation: “Good day my relatives, my name is Miana and I am from the Oglala Lakota and Northern Cheyenne Nations, I like to go hiking in the Black Hills and I am learning the Lakota Language at Oglala Lakota College.”

I am a full-time student studying B.A. in Lakota Studies with an emphasis on Lakota Language. I started out as an intern during the Fall of 2021 and I am now entering as a part-time employee with Black Hills Clean Water Alliance as a CPA/O, Creative Program Assistant/Organizer. My work will include helping organize community call-to-actions to inform the public of current issues relating to clean water and encourage civil engagement on important issues pertaining to gold and uranium mining. I incorporate traditional Lakota ecological knowledge into our message for Clean Water in the He Sapa.

Ohan, Pilamiyepi. (Thank you everyone).

“Beautiful sunflower and sunset taken during the summer at my family’s land in Porcupine, SD” – photo by Miana Fay.