Welcome to our Podcast – Clean Water Connections

We are excited to announce our new podcast, Clean Water Connections – Keep Black Hills Water Alive.

Join Miana Fay, our host, as she speaks with several guests in these first four episodes. In these episodes, you will learn important information such as the origins of Black Hills Clean Water Alliance and our long-standing fight to protect water from future mining pollution. Learn what minerals mining companies are looking for in our sacred landscapes and what that does to our environment. We also address the current mining threats here in the Black Hills, how being involved is crucial to our movement and more! Most importantly, we will be talking about our connection to water as a living relative.

Listen to our first four episodes at bhcleanwateralliance.org/media/bhcwa-clean-water-connections-podcast/

Also as a friendly reminder, today is Giving Tuesday. Your monetary gift will help us with these important information-sharing efforts such as our podcast, information tables at events, and Call-To-Actions. Thank You.

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