Uranium Mining Company Retreats from Fall River County. One Company Down, One to Go!

Congratulations Are Being Heard Throughout the Black Hills!

The “Uranium Mining is a Nuisance” initiative in Fall River County is working. One Company Down, One to Go.

On December 3, Pegasus Resources Inc., a Canadian company, that wanted to mine uranium in the southern Black Hills ended its agreement with Cowboy Exploration and Development. This means that Pegasus has exited the uranium business in South Dakota. This is thanks to Fall River County citizens passing the initiative on November 8 that says “Uranium Mining is a Nuisance” halting any uranium mining in the county, and apparently, uranium companies are unhappy. 

Pegasus’s exit leaves only one uranium company, enCore Energy/Powertech, in Fall River County. Cowboy Exploration still owns mining claims in the County that could be re-activated by another company. But for now, the canyons of the far southwestern Black Hills are safe.

It’s a victory! We did it, Fall River County and Black Hills Community! Our voices are strong and CLEAN WATER matters! 

For more information on this issue and/or to hear the interview with Dr. Lilias Jarding check out the articles by SDPB linked below.

Canadian company backs out of Fall River County mining claims

SDPB Radio | By Lee Strubinger

Published December 9, 2022 at 9:35 AM CST

A Canadian company is canceling an acquisition of mining claims for a uranium project in Fall River County. Pegasus Resources cites a failure to negotiate an agreement and a recent local voter-approved initiative declaring uranium mining a nuisance. Pegasus Resources says it and Cowboy Exploration are canceling the Chord Project. READ MORE.

Lawyer: Uranium nuisance exposes unanswered court definition

SDPB Radio | By Lee Strubinger

Published December 9, 2022 at 12:31 PM CST

One lawyer says the voters in the southwestern corner of the state have exposed an unanswered legal question. Voters in Fall River County declared uranium mining a nuisance this November. Backers of the nuisance initiative hope it will halt a proposed uranium project in the southwestern Black Hills. READ MORE.

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