Correction Alert – Yellow Postcard on Newark Project

Two things have developed around the Newark Gold Exploration since Thursday’s Forest Service meeting. Please spread the word on both of these things!

First, the email address where comments should be sent to the Forest Service on the back of our yellow postcard (we handed out at Thursday’s meeting in Custer ) was incorrect! We had a typo. It should have been .gov at the end of the email address, NOT a .org. Sorry for any confusion. The correct email address to send in comments to the Forest Service is We have corrected that error on the image below. Share – Share – Share. If you know someone who went to the meeting, let them know about this correction.

All the information listed on our website page for this Federal Comment is correct (thank goodness). We have also included how you can file through the Forest Service’s online form, as well as the link to their “Reading Room” to view submitted comments. (CLICK HERE)

Second, on Thursday NDN Collective announced they would bring laptops and set up to help people write comments to the Forest Service on Wednesday, the 22nd, from 1:30 – 5:30 at the Custer Library in the Pine Room.  So if you are not sure how to start or just want support in writing your comments, that’s a great opportunity. The weather may be bad that day, so if something changes put out an email.

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2 thoughts on “Correction Alert – Yellow Postcard on Newark Project

  1. Barbara Savage says:

    I live over by Keystone and my water has already been poisoned by arsenic due to mining. Please, no more environmentally damaging mining in the Black Hills!!


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