Northern Black Hills: More Information on Two Gold Companies! CALL TO ACTION!

We Have Gathered More Facts and Now We Need Your Help to Stop Gold Exploration!

These two gold companies listed below are part of a larger gold rush in the northern Black Hills.  According to US Forest Service staff in March 2022, there are no public lands still available for mining claims in the northern Black Hills.  The entire area has already been claimed by gold companies.  This includes areas immediately around Lead and Deadwood and along both sides of Spearfish Canyon.

Solitario Zinc‘s Plan of Operations (POO) Shows Their Golden Crest Project Will Impact Spearfish Canyon. Call the Forest Service Right Away and Request a EIS.

Spearfish Canyon is recognized as “one of the premiere national landscapes in America.”  The highway was designated in 1990 as a State and National Forest Service Scenic Byway, and the State boasts that “this canyon is one of the gateways into the heart of an ancient mountain range.”  People who love this canyon have been working to protect it. How about you?  Will you Help Protect this national landscape, too?

CALL TO ACTION: Contact the Northern Hills US Forest Service office at 605-642-4622 and ask them to complete a full Environmental Impact Statement for the Golden Crest Project.  

Lawrence County residents are encouraged to contact the Lawrence County Commissioners at and ask them to protect the county’s water, wildlife, and tourism economy.  

See full updates at

Bridal Veil Falls in Spearfish Canyon.

Solitario Zinc is a gold exploration company seeking permission from the US Forest Service to drill at 23 gold exploration sites on 1,350 mining claims as part of its Golden Crest Project. The Project is located on the west edge of Spearfish Canyon from Cheyenne Crossing to north of Bridal Veil Falls.  The company plans to start exploration as early as August, but the Forest Service hasn’t decided whether it will require a short Environmental Assessment (EA) or a more thorough Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Learn More About Solitario Zinc HERE.

Dakota Territory Resource Corp, now called DAKOTA GOLD Has Two Projects Underway.

Dakota Gold has two gold exploration projects in the Maitland area, north of Central City and Lead and east of Spearfish Canyon.  One project has received its permit and is already underway immediately around Maitland.  Their second project is just to the west and within 2 miles of Spearfish Canyon in the Cleopatra Creek and Richmond Hill area. 

In South Dakota, a company or person must only pay a fee and file a piece of paperwork to receive a mineral exploration permit.  The public is given notice, but has no opportunity to oppose a permit.  Dakota Gold is based in Lead and is linked to Barrick Gold. Learn More on this Project HERE.

Gold Companies in the Black Hills are:


People need to get involved to stop gold projects from becoming a series of gold mines, if they value the beauty, recreation opportunities, and tourism economy of the area.  To find out more, contact us and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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