Lithium: Two Companies Stake Claims in the Black Hills. Map available.

NOW IT’S ABOUT LITHIUM! The south-central Black Hills now has two mining exploration projects looking for lithium in that area. If you’ve heard of lithium, it’s probably because it’s used in batteries, including electric vehicle batteries, lightweight batteries for cell-phones and laptops, rechargeable batteries, toys, and more.

United Lithium has a large exploration project immediately south of Custer, covering a total of over 15 square miles. It covers parts of Highway 385 and Highway 16.

IRIS Metals has two lithium exploration sites. One is south of Custer between the town and the state park. The other covers an area on both sides of Highway 16 heading to Hill City.

The Biden Administration is pushing lithium mining as part of its “green energy” program. Mining lithium is not “green.” Like other mining, it is dangerous to water and wildlife, scars the land, and uses large amounts of water.

The two lithium projects, estimated at 20,846 acres combined, are in addition to the Newark gold project, which is to the immediate west of Custer along Highway 16 and to the north. The Newark gold project is controlled by F3 Gold, a company that has approximately 54,000 acres of mining claims in the central and southern Black Hills.